Spring Heralds a New Open Water Fishing Season

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Spring Has Sprung With the warm weather, the majority of lakes in Northwest Ontario are ice-free or in the case of trout lakes, almost ice-free. This can only mean that the open-water season is now upon us so it's a good time to talk fishing. Thought an overview of the multi-species available in Northwest Ontario would be a good approach to frame the upcoming season in so here it goes... Trout The big lakers are hungry in the spring - and at the surface! In our opinion, spring is not only the best time to catch lake trout it

Greenstone Region a Prime Ice Fishing Destination

A Canadian Tradition By Brent Henley When it comes to winter traditions and who we are as Canadians, ice fishing is part of our culture - especially in Northwestern Ontario.  Ice fishing is a different game than fishing from a boat. You can’t venture around a lake hitting different depths and structures. It’s about setting up shop in one area and patiently waiting. There is something about the experience of choosing your spot on the lake, drilling your holes, patiently waiting, and watching your line in anticipation of it dropping. FISH ON! The adrenaline rushes through your body as you race

Trolling for Big Fish in the Fall!

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Releasing a muskie we caught in late September Let's face it we all like to catch fish and when you catch a big fish, it's an even better feeling. Up here on the lakes in Northwest Ontario, big fish are a pretty common occurrence. Be it walleye, trout, pike, muskie or bass, you're going to catch a few big ones if you pay us a visit. Who knows you may even catch an Ontario or Canadian record as several have come out of lakes located in Northwest Ontario! Since it can get a little chilly up here during

It’s Time to Think About Booking Your 2016 Fishing Trip!

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Looks to Be a Busy Year in Northwest Ontario If you have not already booked your Canadian fishing trip for 2016, you may want to make  a decision soon as the best dates and weeks in June are now almost fully-booked at regional outfitters and lodges. If you’re looking for July or August, you have more time but with the better economy in the USA and with cheap fuel, it is sure looking to be a busy season for tourist outfitters in Northwest Ontario! You can find the perfect place to stay here.

Where Giant Whitetail Bucks Roam

Northwest Ontario has tremendous expanses of Boreal forest inhabited by a many species of big game animals. Whitetail deer are common and if you are a big game hunter, then you should consider visiting us for a true wilderness hunt. Bucks up here are large, heavy-bodied animals and many have large racks. It is not uncommon to see 250-275 pound animals roaming the ditches on the side of the highways. Come hunting season, the deer know they are being pursued and are much aware of their surroundings so you will need to call on your all your hunting skills if

Walleye Fishing in Northwest Ontario

With 150,000 freshwater lakes, Northwest Ontario is a literal "walleye wonderland". Up in these parts you can easily go out and catch 100 walleye a day if you know what you're doing and the number of fish in the "trophy-sized" category is also impressive. Each year, hundreds of anglers reel in walleye over 30 inches and weighing more than 10 pounds. In fact, there is a Provincial Park in Sunset Country that is about the size of Connecticut and it alone has 12,000 lakes within its boundaries! There are 138,000 other lakes on top of that! Famous waters such as

Nothing Compares to Catching a Muskie!

In Northwest Ontario, the muskie grow big, fat and boy do they have a nasty attitude. The muskie fishery is so legendary in our waters that it's the place where you can catch the fish of a lifetime. In these parts, the muskie live for a long time and grow to enormous sizes. Some of Ontario's most famous muskie waters are located in Northwest Ontario. Everyone has heard of the legendary fishing on Lake of the Woods, but that's just the beginning! Some other great muskie waters include Eagle Lake, Rainy Lake, Crow Lake, Manitou Lake and Lac Seul. There