Multi-Species Fishing in Northwest Ontario

Northwest Ontario Walleye Fishing


Walleye are the highlight of any Canadian shorelunch and they are a joy to catch. Most commonly a beautiful gold color, walleye in our region can also range from dark green to having a blue tinge in some lakes. Best eaters are around 15-17 inches long and trophies can exceed 10 pounds. You can jig with live bait or try different crankbaits. What works best will depend on time and temperature conditions so try a variety of presentations. We encourage all anglers to release the large fish back into the lake and keep the smaller fish for dinner.

Northwest Ontario Muskie Fishing

Northern Pike

One of the most exciting fish to catch, northern pike are the top predator in many of our lakes. These toothy critters are willing to hit just about anything thrown at them and the biggest fish can exceed 45 inches in length and weigh over 30 pounds. Bucktails, large jerk baits and big spoons all work like a charm. For some really fun action, throw surface baits along the weed line and see the strikes at the surface.

Northwest Ontario Northern Trout Fishing


Others can say whatever they wish but Northwest Ontario can lay claim to having the best muskie fishing anywhere – period! With waters such as Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake and Lac Seul – to name just three – we produce fish not only in numbers but many that are super-sized. Every year there are fish boated that are near or exceed fifty inches in length and which can weigh well over 45 pounds. If you were a betting man, a good bet would be on Northwest Ontario as the location where the next world-record muskie will be caught.

Northwest Ontario Muskie Fishing

Fishing Gallery

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Northwest Ontario Bass Fishing


With both small and large mouth bass, Northwest Ontario is home to exciting action all season long. The bass fishing is so good in fact, we are home to some of the biggest bass tournaments in Canada. Spinner baits and small crank baits probably work best but throwing jigs with flukes or other plastic baits can also prove to be a winning strategy. Try different presentations depending on the water conditions, weather and time of day. Surface baits can lead to incredible hits and some jumping action as these fish are, pound for pound, the best fighters in the lake.

Northwest Ontario Trout Fishing


Offering a great variety of species from lunker lakers to speckled and rainbows, you can be sure of a good day on the water in Northwest Ontario. We have fantastic river fishing as well especially the rivers that drain into Lake Superior or Hudson’s Bay. Brookies at 8 pounds are possible on remote arctic waterways. The Nipigon River has the Ontario record brook trout at 14.8 pounds so if you fish on the fly or out of a boat, your chances are good you’ll catch a big fish. The region is also blessed with hundreds of cold, deep lakes where lake trout over 30 pounds lurk in the depths.

Northwest Ontario Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Northwest Ontario may not be the best known destinations within the fly fishing community, but once you discover what we have to offer up here, you will be convinced it’s a destination you have to come back to. Not many places can offer the fly fisher native brook (speckled) trout that weigh up to 8 pounds with an average size of 3 to 4 pounds! If that doesn’t interest you then what about a 45 inch pike or muskie? When you catch these giant predators on a fly you will discover they are probably way more fun than any little trout you may have caught in your streams back home. These fish can weigh 30 to 40 pounds so come prepared! While we’re at it, you won’t mind if we mention the incredible smallmouth bass and walleye fishing we have to offer – again – they are not used to fly fishers up here so they will often bite your fly more frequently and aggressively than a traditional spinner bait or plug. We have a number of outfitters ready to serve the needs of fly anglers so if you want more info contact us and we’ll send you their information.