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We want to make it easy for you to book your fishing or hunting trip to Northwest Ontario. Below are links to various tourist organizations in our region that will help you do just that. You can order free travel guides and maps using the Travel Enquiry Form listed on each website.

What to Bring

Travel Documentation: United States citizens are required to have a valid US passport when traveling to Canada. You will be required to present this passport when re-entering the United States from Canada. It takes at least six weeks to get your passport so plan early! More Information: US Passport Website and Canada Border Services.

Alcohol and Tobacco: You are allowed one 40 ounce bottle of spirits or 24 cans of beer or one 40 ounce bottle of wine per person age 19 or older. Anything beyond this limit is subject to duty. You are allowed to bring in up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 7 ounces of tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks duty free. Anything beyond this limit is subject to duty. You must be 19 years of age or older to bring tobacco.

Food Products: Beef products can be brought in to Canada for personal consumption with a limit of 11 pounds per person. Be aware some food products are not allowed in to Canada. More Information: CFIA Website.

Pets: You can bring in your dog or cat as long as you have proof of vaccination in the preceding 36 months and the animal appears in good health.

Firearms: You may bring a rifle, shotgun or archery weapon into Canada for hunting purposes only. Handguns are not allowed into Canada. We encourage you to pre-register your firearms to avoid delays at the border. More Information: Canadian Firearms Centre.

Download a copy of the Ontario Fishing Regulations.

Download a copy of the Ontario Hunting Regulations.

Visit our Gallery for some beautiful Northwest Ontario travel photos!

It’s Easy to Travel to Canada

Getting Here: Canada is one of the safest countries on earth to visit and Northwest Ontario is the easy to get to. Located north of the State of Minnesota and above much of the north shore of Lake Superior, you can drive or fly here on your vacation. There are 4 main entry points from the United States into Northwest Ontario:

  • Fort Frances/International Falls Border Crossing
  • Rainy River/Baudette Border Crossing
  • Pigeon River, Ontario Border Crossing
  • Sault Ste Marie Ontario/Michigan Border Crossing.
  • You can also fly direct from Chicago or Minneapolis into our Gateway City of Thunder Bay, Ontario or alternatively through Winnipeg, Manitoba just 90 minutes west of the Ontario border.

We’re a reasonable distance as well! As shown below, you can get here in a day’s drive from many places in the US Midwest or Western Canada:

Ontario Map